Thursday, November 8, 2012

This "Hockey Mom's Prayer" ...

2012 Clemson Tigers Ice Hockey College team
Photo Courtesy of Scott Coggins Photography
As you are all getting into the "thick" of youth hockey season now, traveling non-stop and beginning to think about how to "juggle" the upcoming Holidays with your family AND the hockey "family" holiday schedule .... AND have enough money for Christmas gifts while Junior has to have that new hockey stick NOW because his broke last weekend... AND plan on going to that EXPENSIVE ..."BUT AWESOME" Hockey Tournament (13 hours away) that is always held during the Holidays ... the craziness of this sport starts wearing on most hockey parents this time of year.  I ran across this awesome Hockey Mom Prayer poem here and couldn't help but share it:) 
Enjoy .... and get a tissue if your kid has already moved on to college (like mine) or is close to ending his youth hockey career ...

Columbia Cyclones 2011 - Midget
Thanks for the memories, son.  I wouldn't trade in these precious moments for the anything else in this entire world:)) 
Greenville Growl Travel Team - PeeWee

My prayer for each of you is that you will stop and take the time to ENJOY this experience with your children!  It will be over before you know it!!!


My Hockey Mom Prayer
(By Nelsa Roberto)

May I find the best route to the hockey arena in rush hour traffic. May there not be any road closures, beginner drivers or other stressed out hockey parents in my path.

May The Boy have remembered all his equipment. May I hold my incredulous yell of frustration back when we're running late and he tells me that he MIGHT have left his hockey gloves on the floor back home.

May I find the grace not to scream at an opposing player who has just elbowed my son in the head.

May I find a spot in the arena that is actually under a working heater.

May I not get sick of Tim Horton's coffee, bagels, sandwiches and Timbits in the next eight months.

May I try, for once, to just enjoy the game and not get stressed out and embarrass my son by screaming in the third period "Jesus, Mary and Joseph! SKATE!!!!!!!"

May I have the right words to comfort and encourage him when he has a bad game and the exuberance to celebrate with him when he has a good one.

May I remember that he loves this freezing, time-consuming, money-sucking sport and that he is a thing of beauty when he skates.

And, most of all, may I remember that his childhood is passing all too quickly and that, one day, I will actually miss the all the time we spent in the van hustling back and forth between arenas. One day I will wish for that time back so let me hold it in my memory as long as I can because it is flying away from me, faster than my son on hockey skates.
Palmetto Stars - Spring and Summer Travel Team - Mites and Squirts

'94 Southeastern Selects Team - PeeWee
2010-11- SC High School Hockey State Champs:)
2012 - Clemson Tigers
(Even if it is after midnight and I had just driven 6 hours one way to watch this game!!!)