Friday, April 29, 2011

Lineman's Wife

A Journeyman Lineman's wife...

My hubby has arrived in AL due to the recent devastation from tornadoes. I started thinking of all the destruction, devastation and heartbreak he has seen first-hand over the past 25 years ....

I also realized there is a whole group of women out there who feel the way I feel in times like this and who experience the exact same frustrations I do during these storms.... The constant whining on Facebook about how long the power has been out and I literally have to walk away from it, the accusations that the linemen get their family's power back on "first" (what.a.freakin.joke), the list goes ON and ON. I will say over the past few years, my FB friends have been much better about not whining so much... :D

Do I worry about him working with electricity buzzing all around him and one wrong move would kill him instantly? DUH!! of COURSE I worry! Do I "fret" over it? No, I can't or I don't think I would have lasted this long. I say a prayer for him and his crew everytime he goes out on a storm call. Being the wife of a lineman, You have to be strong and independent! The linemans wife holds her household together during the worst weather times so he can focus on his job. The lineman's wife goes to the children's events or parties alone, when she must. The lineman's wife is proud of her husband and the unbelievable hours he works non-stop without complaint. The lineman's wife is so very thankful when she gets the text letting her know he loves her, misses her and is okay ...but goes for long stretches of time before hearing HIS voice...The lineman's wife knows her husband is a special man who was born for this job, 365 days a year 24 hours a day. I am proud of my lineman and the life he has given me... I am proud of myself too, a lineman's wife:)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Charleston, Family & Very Dear Friends.... Does life get any better than this?

So we took our first "College Tour" last weekend.... went to College of Charleston ("CofC"). 
 What a beautiful campus!  In the most beautiful city ever ....

Our weekend started off with the drive down on Friday in the hardest rain storm I've ever been in ... the ENTIRE drive to Charleston!  Our normally 3 hour trip took 4 and a half hours!!! (Can you say FRAZZLED nerves??)  We stopped as soon as we got to Mt. Pleasant at RED'S on Shem Creek:) Crab cakes sandwich = YUMMY!!!

Finally got to the beautiful home we rented with some very dear friends whose son was also touring CofC. 
The next morning we were up bright and early for our tour ...

After the tour, we were OFF to find more delicious food ... seriously this was the best meal I had all weekend.  This place (Fleet Landing) overlooks the water and has the BEST shrimp-n-grits EVER!!!!!  EVERRRRRR!!!!!!
Then we were off to "tour" (aka walk for HOURS downtown Charleston!  If you've never visited this city, what in the world are you waiting on???
Charleston .... My Family .... & Very Dear Friends .... Life doesn't get any better than this:) 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

COLLEGE ... already?? WOW!

I'll go ahead and be the first to admit ... I'm hoping this blog will be like my "therapy" in the coming year:) ...and save me $$ for therapist bills!!! 

My one and only child will be a rising Senior in High School in just a few short months, and we have kicked the college search into HIGH-GEAR around our household.  Did I mention I'm a hockeymom?? That means out of his top 5 schools, the majority of them aren't located anywhere near "home":( 

For you moms out there who have gone thru the anxiety I'm going thru ... talk to me girls!  To those of you with toddlers running around, and you can't even go to the bathroom without having a "family meeting" while mom is on the potty ... ENJOY this time in your child's life!!  Funny I say that, eh? The Sleep Deprivation? Diapers? Baby food? Your child thinking his name is "NO..[insert child's name here]"? Well I mean it ... it goes by WAY TOO FAST!!!  Don't blink .... or you, too, will be looking at colleges, my friend;) 

I have wonderful support from family and friends ... they love me even on my "moody" days which seem to come more and more frequently these days, with my anxiety kicking in, but just like all of the other challenges in my life, I will get thru this too:)  

I worry about the cost of college and how in the world we will pay for it (have you PRICED college lately?? WOW!!), I worry about our son being away from home (gosh, he will have been in my house for 18 years at that point ... I'm going to really MISS his daily hugs and smiling face)!!  I just want him to be happy, which means he has some really difficult and important decisions in the next few months of his life.  I just thought having a newborn baby was hard all of those years ago ... he's still my "baby boy", but it's time to take a step back and let him make his own decisions.  I'm still waiting ... talk to me girls ....tell me what kind of meds you took to get thru this!! (lol.. just kidding, uh ... not really... lol)

So.... please bear with me if you have personal contact with me ... I'm on that roller coaster called "life" (as I know we all are) BUT BOY, is it taking me for a RIDE these days:)  I'm overwhelmed now more than I've ever been in my entire life .... And trying to remind myself to ENJOY this time of my life too;) I'm so blessed with such wonderful family and friends.  Life.Is.Good!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Let's try this ONE MORE TIME:)

I started "blogging" on "ANOTHER" website ... but very quickly found it wasn't user-friendly for me!!  I noticed several blogs I read use Blogspot, so I thought I would try blogging ONE MORE TIME:))

My son playing in the High School National Championships 2011

I’ve always wanted to blog!! I read blogs on a daily basis and just WISH I had interesting topics to discuss, or new home projects to show off  … but I’m a hockeymom!! And for anyone in the youth travel hockey world, I KNOW you completely understand what I’m talking about!  My weekends are spent in ice rinks … year round!! My son started playing ice hockey when he was 5 years old and he’s 17 now …. go ahead, you do the math, I’ll wait!!  Did you figure it out?  Let’s just say that’s a LOT of miles on my vehicles, a whole lot of $$ … and YEARS of memories that are absolutely priceless (and you better believe I would do it all again in a heartbeat)!!

Did I mention I’m a very PROUD “football mom” too?? My son plays Varsity football for his High School.  So you see, we are literally doing multiple sports year round ....

My hubby and son:)

So whenever I think … WHAT in the world would I blog about that people would actually WANT to read?  Well how about a  Any “sports mom” can relate!!  Any MOM can relate!!!  My blog will be about life,  how we occasionally do get to do a really cool home project, & I would love to share the occasional GREAT recipe every now and then!!! 

So welcome to my world … come on in!!!  This should be interesting ….