Monday, May 23, 2011

Football, football and MORE Football ....

Saturday was a whirlwind day!!  My son had his Green & White Spring Scrimmage game ... and let me tell you, it was H-O-T!!!  What happened to Spring?????  Wanted to share a few pics!!

We also had our 1st Annual Ladies Clinic and it was so much fun!!!  We learned about X's and O's, hand signals, positions, and so much more!!  I can't WAIT for this season to start and I will be able to tell my HUBBY which play they are getting ready to run:)) 

Grillin' out, more cupcakes ... and a key??

So we had our cupcake competition last Thursday at work!  Man, do I work with some CREATIVE people!!!  I just had to share some of the awesome cupcakes!! And yes, I was on a sugar high by 9am and had a sugar high headache by 9:15am!! lol... Enjoy the pics!

This was the winner!!! Yes, people... THESE ARE CUPCAKES!!! How impressive is that???

These were my sad sad "corn on the cob" cupcakes ... lol

This was an i-phone cupcake theme!!!

Yes, the "burgers" are REALLY cupcakes!  Are you impressed yet???
Close-up of the Burger cupcakes!!! 
We then had a grill-out and the food was FANTASTIC!!!!  Had to take a few pics during it too!!

I bet you're wondering about "A Key" part of my post?  Well here's what I'm talking about .... :(
I had such a GREAT day ... to have it end like this ... someone keyed my car!  You can see it starts right behind the door and goes all the way over the wheel:(((  Wow .... wow... wow... was not expecting that!! Oh well.... if having a scratch in my car is the worst thing in my life right now, I can DEFINITELY deal with that:)))  Life.Is.Good.... hope it is for you too!!! 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Football ... Prom ... & Cupcakes:) Life is grand!!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while ... I've been BUSY:)  ... Aren't we all?? 
Spring football practice is in full swing, and that means fundraising is in FULL SWING too!!! 

Prom was this past Saturday night ... and I have to post a few pics:)))
 This is my son who is a Junior this year! *SIGH*

Our neighbors and my son have literally grown up together:) 
We love them like our own!!

This is my son and his beautiful girlfriend!!!

Off to the Prom .... they ate at Larkins in downtown Greenville and said it was fantastic!
(Of COURSE it is!!!) The Shrimp-n-Grits there are awesome!!!

Not a great pic of the entire group ... but you get the idea!  It was an awesome group of young men and women!!!

We also had "AWARDS" night at the high school last night ... and wooohoooo, way to go with getting the top 10% of your class award, son!  We are SO VERY PROUD of you and your many accomplishments!!!

We are also having an 'in-house' show at my work this week ... which involved me cooking cupcakes tonight! HUH??  ANYWAY... the "theme" for the show is "Grilling out," and we were asked to make a dozen cupcakes, so I decided to take the theme literally ... take a look for yourself!!

Do you get it??  It's cupcakes aka "CORN ON THE COB" :)))))) 
Gotta LOVE Google .... !!!

Unfortunately the lighter colored jelly beans are "Buttered Popcorn Flavored" ... yeah, um ... not really "GOOD" with cupcakes!!  But the cream cheese icing on these are AWESOME!!!!  I will have to post that recipe tomorrow!!! I will DEFINITELY use that icing in the future!!

Anyhoo.... it's almost Friday, and I'm ready for the weekend! 
Hope you are enjoying life and living it to the fullest!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day:)

Here's hoping each mom that reads this had a very special day today:)  I hope my wonderful mom had a great day too!!!  

This was the message on my chalkboard wall in our kitchen when I woke up this morning ... and yes, it made me SMILE ....

I know ... I know.... I've GOT to do something with that hideous telephone outlet:)  I've bought several telephones to go on it and always end up returning them:(

Most of you know that my hubby has been in Alabama working restoring power since the tornadoes hit 11 days ago ... and he originally thought he would be coming home much later this week.  He texted yesterday and told me they were leaving to come home this morning!  Yayyyy!!!  I was almost afraid to get too excited or get my hopes up .... I would only believe he was really coming home when I saw him walk through the door.  But Austin wrote a message to him too ...evidently he believed more than I did that dad was really coming home ...
He did FINALLY get home this evening, and we were so relieved and happy to see him.  I've never been so happy to hear the snoring that is coming from our bedroom right now:)  That is one tired man finally resting in his own bed .... I'm so thankful for him that words can't even describe it. 

And my special day was awesome .... here's just a sampling ....

Coyote Coffee is my absolute FAVORITE ... if you haven't been there yet, let me tell you ... you are MISSING OUT!! My favorite is the Hot White Coyote!!!! THANKS AUSTIN for my gift!  I absolutely LOVE it!!!! I love being YOUR mom, and thank you for the most wonderful 17 years being your mom! You make my job very easy ... and as I've told you often over the years ... but not enough ... I thank God every single day that he chose ME to be YOUR MOM:) 

Had dinner from Copper River with 3 of my favorite people (thanks Mark, Austin and Andrew) .... we called it in, Mark went and picked it up, and we had the meal at home:)  And for those that know me best ... THAT is a perfect night for me!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

A garage sale?? What was I THINKING????

So... the last time I had a garage sale, I vowed it would be my LAST!!  But as time goes by, and you forget the "pain" you endured the last time (Sound familiar, ladies??, the next time someone mentions having a garage sale to you, it sounds like the GREATEST IDEA you have ever heard!!!! 

Fast forward to the night BEFORE this garage sale, and all of those bad memories come sweeping over you like a BaD DrEaM!!!!! What was I thinking?????  I don't want to do ALL of this work and pull all of this crap ...uh ... "stuff" out just so I can make $25:) 

So I've pulled out a few things that I hope will sell, but I certainly didn't clean out like I need to!!  We will see what happens!  We advertised we would begin at 8 ... I guess that means I need to be up and ready to go by 6am, isn't that the way it usually happens?  I just hope when my early birds show up, they take everything I have so I can be back in bed asleep by 8 am:)   Good night everyone!  Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Mother's Day to all of you wonderful moms out there:))  Enjoy your special day!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Another college visit:) Go Tigers? Maybe ....

So we went on another college visit last weekend ....
I went there thinking this would be "another college to mark off our list" ... you know, another one of those "big colleges" ...
And ...It IS a big campus ... with a "small" campus feel!!  And I have to say, I felt calmness and peace come over me as we took our 2-hour guided walking tour.  I'm pretty sure my son was pleasantly surprised with how much he REALLY liked Clemson too:) 

He's been there for football and baseball camps over the years, and he's been to LOTS of home football games ....

And I can honestly say, the decision is absolutely his on where he chooses to spend this next stage of his life, and if he chooses Clemson, I will be THRILLED to have him so close to home:) 

I will honestly be thrilled wherever he chooses to go though .... But it is very nice to have Clemson as a serious option now:)

I think our next Tour Stop will be UGA:)  Go Dawgs?  Maybe .... :)