Monday, April 25, 2011

Let's try this ONE MORE TIME:)

I started "blogging" on "ANOTHER" website ... but very quickly found it wasn't user-friendly for me!!  I noticed several blogs I read use Blogspot, so I thought I would try blogging ONE MORE TIME:))

My son playing in the High School National Championships 2011

I’ve always wanted to blog!! I read blogs on a daily basis and just WISH I had interesting topics to discuss, or new home projects to show off  … but I’m a hockeymom!! And for anyone in the youth travel hockey world, I KNOW you completely understand what I’m talking about!  My weekends are spent in ice rinks … year round!! My son started playing ice hockey when he was 5 years old and he’s 17 now …. go ahead, you do the math, I’ll wait!!  Did you figure it out?  Let’s just say that’s a LOT of miles on my vehicles, a whole lot of $$ … and YEARS of memories that are absolutely priceless (and you better believe I would do it all again in a heartbeat)!!

Did I mention I’m a very PROUD “football mom” too?? My son plays Varsity football for his High School.  So you see, we are literally doing multiple sports year round ....

My hubby and son:)

So whenever I think … WHAT in the world would I blog about that people would actually WANT to read?  Well how about a  Any “sports mom” can relate!!  Any MOM can relate!!!  My blog will be about life,  how we occasionally do get to do a really cool home project, & I would love to share the occasional GREAT recipe every now and then!!! 

So welcome to my world … come on in!!!  This should be interesting ….

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