Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day:)

Here's hoping each mom that reads this had a very special day today:)  I hope my wonderful mom had a great day too!!!  

This was the message on my chalkboard wall in our kitchen when I woke up this morning ... and yes, it made me SMILE ....

I know ... I know.... I've GOT to do something with that hideous telephone outlet:)  I've bought several telephones to go on it and always end up returning them:(

Most of you know that my hubby has been in Alabama working restoring power since the tornadoes hit 11 days ago ... and he originally thought he would be coming home much later this week.  He texted yesterday and told me they were leaving to come home this morning!  Yayyyy!!!  I was almost afraid to get too excited or get my hopes up .... I would only believe he was really coming home when I saw him walk through the door.  But Austin wrote a message to him too ...evidently he believed more than I did that dad was really coming home ...
He did FINALLY get home this evening, and we were so relieved and happy to see him.  I've never been so happy to hear the snoring that is coming from our bedroom right now:)  That is one tired man finally resting in his own bed .... I'm so thankful for him that words can't even describe it. 

And my special day was awesome .... here's just a sampling ....

Coyote Coffee is my absolute FAVORITE ... if you haven't been there yet, let me tell you ... you are MISSING OUT!! My favorite is the Hot White Coyote!!!! THANKS AUSTIN for my gift!  I absolutely LOVE it!!!! I love being YOUR mom, and thank you for the most wonderful 17 years being your mom! You make my job very easy ... and as I've told you often over the years ... but not enough ... I thank God every single day that he chose ME to be YOUR MOM:) 

Had dinner from Copper River with 3 of my favorite people (thanks Mark, Austin and Andrew) .... we called it in, Mark went and picked it up, and we had the meal at home:)  And for those that know me best ... THAT is a perfect night for me!!

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