Monday, May 23, 2011

Grillin' out, more cupcakes ... and a key??

So we had our cupcake competition last Thursday at work!  Man, do I work with some CREATIVE people!!!  I just had to share some of the awesome cupcakes!! And yes, I was on a sugar high by 9am and had a sugar high headache by 9:15am!! lol... Enjoy the pics!

This was the winner!!! Yes, people... THESE ARE CUPCAKES!!! How impressive is that???

These were my sad sad "corn on the cob" cupcakes ... lol

This was an i-phone cupcake theme!!!

Yes, the "burgers" are REALLY cupcakes!  Are you impressed yet???
Close-up of the Burger cupcakes!!! 
We then had a grill-out and the food was FANTASTIC!!!!  Had to take a few pics during it too!!

I bet you're wondering about "A Key" part of my post?  Well here's what I'm talking about .... :(
I had such a GREAT day ... to have it end like this ... someone keyed my car!  You can see it starts right behind the door and goes all the way over the wheel:(((  Wow .... wow... wow... was not expecting that!! Oh well.... if having a scratch in my car is the worst thing in my life right now, I can DEFINITELY deal with that:)))  Life.Is.Good.... hope it is for you too!!! 

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  1. those cupcakes are amazing!!! And you sell yourself short, your corn on the cob cupcakes are super cute too!
    And I am so sorry your car got keyed... that is a pretty vicious scratch!